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15 Jun

Beautiful white panties under skirt

hey! Take a look at these beautiful outdoor upskirts, it looks like they scream you: cmon, come to the pussy and touch it with your hands, be gentle and the pussy will be wet, yes!!! Haha, man, i’m really crazy about the public upskirts, when i go in the city, i alway beg that it was windy day, and lot’s of girls would wear upskirts. And if i get lucky and see at least 2-3 upskirts, they make my day and im happy for the rest of week. Take a look at todays photos (if you click on the,you will go to the movie sample gallery). They are so sexy, these public upskirts! mmm!

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14 Jun

Micro skirts and upskirts!

Hey! It’s you again? Looking for outdoor upskirts again? Fuck, man, are you nuts? I can’t give you em daily, why don’t you search for your beloved upskirts by yourself? You can find thousands and even more on on Upskirt Collection, why the hell you returning to my blog where i can give you only one or two lousy photo of upskirt? You are strange, man :) You know that?

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13 Jun

No panties at all?

Hey! I still thinking , why the hell girls doesn’t wear panties when going to the street with skirts? What if they start bleeding and their “days” will start? What if some freak come and put their skirts down? Everyone in the city would see her pussy unprotected! It would be a shame for the girl, don’t you think? Ok, so if you want to see short movies with these outdoor upskirts, you can click on them and see the full gallery!

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12 Jun

Very short under skirt

Hey! Look at these tiger panties, would you like to see the movie of this clip? You can do this by clicking on the photos, you will go to upskirt videos, and there you can preview everything. Tiger panties, wow, i wish my wife had such ones. Do you play with your wife upskirts? When she wears skirt, i want her 10 times more, and when we are lifting up to the stairs (we live in 4 floor), i always make her skirt up and then grab her ass :) Mmm, so fucking sexy! I wish i could have sex in the landing..

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11 Jun

Sexy Stairs upskirt

This is really awesome, when girl are climbing stairs and you have your camera in very low level, you can make some photos of very nice upskirts and nice panties! Hey, do you have a cell phone with camera? Yes? Why then you don’t have photos of your own made upskirts? You have em?? Wow, really? You should really contact me then now and i would post it for all the outdoor upskirt lovers, why don’t you want to share?
Ok, if no photos – i will give you some :) You can see movie of this upskirt (MOVIE, YES!), and maybe if you decide to go further, you can access the hugest collection of upskirts..

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08 Jun

Sexy micro skirt

Hey! Even if this is not outdoor upskirt, and not in public, i still want to show it to you, because the panties are so awesome , and as upskirt lover your should really like these photos, and this movie preview.. If you go in the shop, and there is elevator, sometimes you accidentaly can see and upskirt. Do you control yourself, and don’t try to touch that panties? Or you touch them, sometimes you even touch the pussy, then woman starts to scream, comes shops security and throw you out.. Haven’t you such experience? I had:\ Fuck that.. I hate sexy micro skirts.

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07 Jun

Upskirt near garage

Again this is beautiful outdoor upskirt, we can see in this photo a girl near the garage (i think she is going to get her Jaguar from it), and she wears some small tiny skirt, when you can see almost everything under it, even if you not leant, you still can see the panties. I know you want to see the movie of this upskirt, so here ya go! The only bad thing that she was wearing panties, but hey, only 1% from all the girls doesn’t wear panties when wearing skirt, so understand us, we cannot always post you only girls upskirts without panties! Think!

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06 Jun

Upskirt before striptease

Wow, this chick is really hot, and she is wearing a tiger dress, just to look sexier than any other girl on the world! She has really nice black panties, and she allows us to watch them! Wanna see the movie of this nice outdoor upskirt? Hey, while you look at the movie, i want to ask, if you are real upskirt fun, have you ever stick mirror on your shoes and went to the school to see your schoolmates under skirts? I was doing such things, and maybe someday i will post it to you! So you really should bookmark my blog (i need more readers, i think you are the one who can stick here and come back daily), so here is that tiger baby upskirt:

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05 Jun

Upskirt under table

Take a look at this beautiful lady! She wears very sexy red panties, wich you can see when she spreads her legs, because when she do that (and wearing a skirt), you can see everything you want! There are movie of this hot upskirt action, take a look! I bet if you were sitting in front of her, you would put your hand between her legs and touch a little that hairy pussy, right? Or maybe she is shaved, ghmm, i’m really not sure. But anyway, have you ever tried when having dinner at some bar or restaurant (like this one), to drop fork on the ground, and then lean to take it, while watching at the crotch of womans legs? Hehe, i have done this, you can try that too!

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04 Jun

Blue skirt – upskirt! :) ass

I know, guys, this is not outdoor upskirt in these photos! But i couldn’t resist posting these photos, because the girl in blue skirt is so sexy and this upskirt looks so innocent, that i’m getting crazy in my head while watching this photos :) You can see the full gallery of this girl right here. She looks like young girl from the school with mini skirt, just got home from the lessons.. i got this picture from the upskirtdreams, the biggest collection of upskirts, you can see it if you want! But enough of bullshit, let’s see the girl in upskirt!

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03 Jun

Upskirt in balcony

again – a beautiful lady with a beautiful outdoor upskirt photo set. You see? This girl even have her panties the same color and same design as her shirt, and that makes the whole costume so sexy and so awesome that you can’t resist to see what’s under her blouse and panties, right? Well, this upskirt is a little different from the other ones we have showed you. Yes, it’s staged. And yes, after the showing upskirt girl takes out blouse and panties, to show what gift she received from the god ;) You want to see it? Take a look at the full galery, you will enjoy it for sure. Or just check out these quick preview photos and scroll down for more!

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